Cartoon Sweet GUI 2.0 – full UI pack

Cute, colorful GUI in cartoon style. Contains lots of premade windows, prefabs, utilizes TextMeshPro for texts, highly customizable!


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Sweet Cartoon GUI 2 - now updated with new windows, prefabs and TextMeshPro!

Contains graphics for:

♦ Settings

♦ Log In & Register

♦ Pause

♦ Shop

♦ Inventory

♦ Quests

♦ Quest description

♦ Levels

♦ Level Cleared and Failed

♦ Chat Big & Small

♦ In-game Chat

♦ Saved Games

♦ Messages

♦ Achievements

♦ Ranking

♦ Skills

♦ Delete, Exit, Connect

99 Unique Items & Icons

Basic white icons and colorful icons illustrating various items commonly found in games. Exported in five sizes (32x32px, 64x64px, 128x128px, 256x256px and 512x512px) with .ai and .psd source files included for customization.

Adjustable Colors

Most of the .png graphics in this asset are white, allowing for effortless color adjustments and customization. This versatility is particularly evident in elements such as progress bars and bubbles, offering endless possibilities. Additionally, other panels and controls also offer the same flexibility.

Scalable Graphics

The use of the 9-slice method significantly reduces the sizes of the graphics in this asset while maintaining their sharpness and flexibility for a wide range of uses.

Responsive Layout

This fullscreen menu is designed to adapt seamlessly to screens of various resolutions.

Dedicated for Mobiles and PCs

Ensuring adaptability to diverse screen resolutions with simple, large elements for usability across different devices.

Buttons and Other Controls

This asset offers a diverse selection of controls. In addition to various button types — regular buttons, buttons with icons (such as Close, Help, Info, Share), checkbox, toggle, and radio buttons — it also includes input fields, sliders, and scrollbars.

HUD elements

Included in this collection are various essential elements. From editable Health & Mana Bubbles to versatile Bars, In-game Chat, Counters, and Action bars, each comes with pre-made color versions and allows for limitless color customization.


The included six cursor types (Default, Pointer, Text, Wait, Help, and Not-allowed) cater to basic needs, with an editable .psd file provided for customization.


Created for easy reuse and customization to simplify the process of integrating and adjusting elements and views to fit your requirements.


The asset includes the carefully selected Titan font, which comes with an OFL license. All text fields utilizing TextMeshPro component.


Editable .psd and .ai files of UI elements and Icons are included, allowing for further customization.

Placeholder background image generated by an AI

Manual & tutorials

Please note this is a graphical UI pack to use as a starting point for your own games. Game-specific features will require additional programming work on your end.

Please make sure that you have an experience with Unity UI system and the engine in general. This asset can save a lot of time, but general basic knowledge is a prerequisite for implementation.

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