Graffiti Pack 2

Bring the streets to life in your game with our Graffiti Pack. Our collection features a wide range of vibrant, authentic graffiti designs that will add character and depth to any urban setting.

by 71Block

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Transform Your Game’s Aesthetic! With Our Graffiti Pack, you can instantly add a modern, rebellious touch to your game’s world. Our decals are perfect for developers and designers who are looking to create immersive urban experiences that resonate with players.

This Pack include 60 different Graffitis (Prefabs), writings and drawings based on real life, which are ready to be dragged and dropped directly into your scene.

To each Graffiti correspond the following:

  • 1 Albedo map Texture
  • 1 Material (Unity Standard)

In total the Package consists of 60 Pre-made Prefabs, 60 Textures and 60 Materials.

These decals are scalable and can be used on different type of wall materials (Brick, Plaster, Stone, Cement... etc) to make your environemnt much more realistic, engaging and expressive.

The Pack includes a DEMO SCENE with all the prefabs. The walls with different materials shown in the pictures are NOT included. Also The Skate Park shown in the Pictures is NOT included.

Please follow the following link for The Skate Park Package: