Key Icons – Collection 3 – 2D Pixel Loot and Treasure Resources Bundle

A collection of 2D pixel art key icons. Perfect for fantasy and mystery worlds.

by WCE Assets

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Forge your path with the Pixel Art Key Icon Collection, a treasure trove of pixelated portals!

This comprehensive collection overflows with a remarkable variety of intricately detailed pixel art keys, guaranteed to spark your players' imaginations and transport them to fantastical dungeons, hidden lairs, and sprawling landscapes.

Here's why this collection is the perfect key to unlocking your project's potential:

  • Unleash Lock-Picking Diversity: Dive into a vast selection of unique keys, perfect for crafting intricate puzzles, securing hidden chambers, and rewarding players with access to secret areas.

  • Multiple Resolutions: Adapt to any project with included 128x128, 64x64, and 32x32 resolutions, ensuring seamless integration across platforms.

  • Performance-Optimized Perfection: Effortlessly integrate these icons into your project with pre-cut spritesheets and performance-optimized sprites for each resolution.

  • Crystal-Clear Canvases: Each key boasts a transparent background in PNG format, allowing for effortless placement within your digital world.

Empower Your Projects:

  • Craft Captivating Adventures: Design dungeons filled with challenging puzzles guarded by unique keys, create intricate storylines centered around finding the right key, and reward players with access to powerful loot.

  • Enhance Your World-Building: Add depth and detail to your fantasy settlements by showcasing the types of keys used, the secrets they unlock, and the stories they hold.

  • Fuel Your Creativity: Spark your players' imaginations with a vibrant array of keys, from ornately crafted master keys to rusty dungeon keys and simple wooden house keys.

But the adventure doesn't stop there!

  • Commercial Use License: Use these icons in your personal and commercial projects without restriction.

  • Free Updates: Get access to future additions and new key icons to expand your collection at no extra cost.

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