Leatherworking and Tailoring Icons – 2D Pixel Crafting Resources Bundle

A mega collection of 2D pixel art leatherworking and tailoring icons. Perfect for fantasy, survival and crafting worlds.

by WCE Assets

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Dress to impress: The Ultimate Leatherworking & Tailoring Bundle!

Crafters and fashion enthusiasts, unite! Ditch the juggling act – the Ultimate Leatherworking & Tailoring Bundle is here! 

This discounted mega-pack combines five incredible collections into a comprehensive treasure trove of pixel art goodness, catering to all your textile and leather needs.

Craft timeless elegance with rich leathers and practical rawhide textures. This collection includes a vast selection of:

  • Fine tooled hides: Perfect for depicting luxurious armor accents, stylish bags, and high-end furniture.

  • Supple leather textures: Bring cobblers shops and bustling marketplaces to life with a variety of leather qualities.

  • Rugged rawhide: Create weather-beaten survival gear, sturdy ropes, and essential tools for the frontier.

Weave vibrant tapestries with threads, yarns, and a dazzling array of cloths. This collection also includes:

  • Threads: Spools, textures, and sewing notions to detail tailoring shops and crafting stations.

  • Yarns: Skeins, balls, and crafting tools for vibrant knitwear and cozy creations.

  • Cloth: Soft textures and delicate threads for crafting light clothing, undergarments, and home textiles.

Spark your players' imaginations and transport them to worlds brimming with creative possibilities! This all-in-one solution offers an unparalleled selection, allowing you to build:

  • Thriving Markets: Design bustling marketplaces overflowing with crafting supplies, leatherworking tools, and textile shops.

  • Engaging Crafting Systems: Develop intricate systems centered around collecting resources (hides, cotton), processing materials (tanning leather, spinning yarn and cloth), and creating stunning garments, armor accents, and practical tools.

  • Vivid World-Building: Showcase the unique textile traditions and crafting techniques of diverse settlements, from rugged frontier towns to luxurious merchant districts.

The Fabric (and Leather) of Creation Doesn't End There! This bundle offers more than just stunning visuals:

  • Commercial Use License: Unleash your creativity in both personal and commercial projects without restriction.

  • Free Updates: Enjoy continuous growth with access to future additions and new crafting items at no extra cost.

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