Mana Seed Pixel Art Tileset Collection

A huge collection of hand-drawn 16-bit-style pixel art tilesets for an SNES-inspired RPG or adventure game.

by Seliel the Shaper

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This is a massive collection of hand-drawn pixel art tilesets inspired by 16-bit RPG classics. Whether you're making an epic globe-spanning action RPG, or a cozy slice-of-life farming sim, this pack covers just about any place your players need to go! This package contains more than 20 unique environments, each with various customization elements: ground textures, cliffs, walls, doors, trees, rocks, etc. There are also many standalone environmental objects suitable for any environment, like fences & walls, bridges, signposts, furniture, and more! Lastly, I've included a set of weather effects so you can simulate rain, snow, and cloud cover.

Customizable environments include:

  • Cozy forest with all four seasons
  • Four types of village homes with unique interiors
  • Opulent castle exterior and interior
  • Library with tons of books
  • Royal garden with a hedge maze
  • Crumbling castle dungeon
  • Mysterious ancient temple
  • A dark cave with glacial and volcanic color swaps
  • Steampunk manor and airships
  • Tropical shores
  • Desert sands
  • Arctic woodlands
  • Rainforest jungles
  • And an enormous world tree of epic proportions