Necklace Icons – Collection 2 – 2D Pixel Jewelry and Accessories Bundle

A collection of 2D pixel art necklace icons. Perfect for fantasy and crafting worlds.

by WCE Assets

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Dazzle Your Characters with the Pixel Art Necklace Icon Collection!

Elevate your avatars with stunning adornments! The Pixel Art Necklace Icon Collection offers a captivating assortment of dazzling necklaces, designed to enhance your characters and enrich your game worlds.

This comprehensive collection overflows with a remarkable variety of intricately detailed pixel art necklaces, guaranteed to spark your players' imaginations and personalize their in-game avatars in countless ways.

Here's why this collection is the perfect addition to your project:

  • Unleash a Treasury of Trinkets: Dive into a vast selection of unique necklaces, perfect for crafting distinctive characters, offering visual rewards, and allowing players to express their unique style.

  • Multiple Resolutions: Adapt to any project with included 128x128, 64x64, and 32x32 resolutions, ensuring seamless integration across platforms.

  • Performance-Optimized Perfection: Effortlessly integrate these icons into your project with pre-cut spritesheets and performance-optimized sprites for each resolution.

  • Crystal-Clear Canvas: Each icon boasts a transparent background in PNG format, allowing for effortless placement within your digital world.

This collection empowers you to:

  • Craft Captivating Characters: Design diverse avatars with a variety of necklaces, allowing players to personalize their appearance and express their individuality.

  • Enhance Your RPG with Unique Items: Craft a diverse range of necklaces for your RPG, from simple pendants for starting adventurers to powerful enchanted amulets imbued with magical properties.

  • Fuel Your Creativity: Spark your players' imaginations with a vibrant array of necklaces, from dazzling gemstones to intricate chainmail designs, catering to all preferences.

But the bling doesn't stop there! This collection offers more than just stunning visuals:

  • Commercial Use License: Use these icons in your personal and commercial projects without restriction.

  • Free Updates: Get access to future additions and new necklace icons to expand your collection at no extra cost.

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