Pixel Platformer Medieval Castle Building

This is a modular side scrolling pixel art pack for dungeons, houses, or even a castle.

by Leviatic

Price History +

This is my first asset pack. I wanted it to be modular enough to fit multiple color palettes, positions, and needs. 

48x48 sized sprites

-15 base brick colors with matching background bricks and some with their own wall types

-1 wooden floor

-modular rafters

-7 Bows

-7 Daggers

-7 Axes

-7 Swords

-7 Greatswords

-7 Spears

-7 Staffs

-Weapon Rack

-2 Different fireplaces, each with a lit and unlit version

-Books, Potions, Houseplants, Skull, and Beds

-3 Banner types

-Bookshelves, Cabinets, Stands, Chains, Weapon Racks, and Chairs

-4 Table types

-Rock tiles that have outside facing edges and interior edges

-3 Barrel Types

-Multiple Crate types for positioning, size, and disrepair

-Doors and Windows with transparent and opaque openings and states of open and close (and doorless)

-3 wall types

-2 texture brick colors for the walls

-Lanterns and Chandeliers