Pork BBQ Icons – Pixel Art Food – 2D Cooking, Cuisine and Restaurant Bundle

A collection of 2D pixel art food icons. Perfect for fantasy and culinary worlds.

by WCE Assets

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Craving pixel-perfect food for your culinary game or app? Look no further than this Pixel Art 2D Cooking, Cuisine and Restaurant Bundle!

This mouthwatering collection serves up a staggering coolection of unique pixel art food items, guaranteed to whet your digital appetite and leave your players drooling.

Here's why this bundle is the secret sauce to your success:

  • A vibrant palette of delectable pixels: Unleash your culinary creativity with an abundant treasure trove of unique food items, perfect for building immersive pixel-art worlds.

  • Multiple Resolutions: Adapt to any project need with included 128x128, 64x64, and 32x32 resolutions, guaranteeing optimal performance and scalability.

  • Performance-Optimized Perfection: Seamless integration is guaranteed with pre-cut spritesheets and performance-optimized spritesheets for each resolution.

  • Crystal-Clear Canvas: Each icon boasts a transparent background in PNG format, allowing for effortless blending into your digital world.

This bundle is perfect for:

  • Fantasy RPGs: Create immersive tavern menus, vibrant marketplaces, and mouth-watering inventory items.

  • Cooking Games: Design unique fantasy recipes and culinary challenges that will put your players' skills to the test.

  • World-Building: Add depth and detail to your fantasy settlements and cultures with their iconic cuisine.

But the deliciousness doesn't stop there! This bundle offers more than just stunning visuals:

  • Commercial use license: Use these icons in your personal and commercial projects without restriction.

  • Regular updates: Get access to future additions and improvements to the collection at no extra cost.

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