Qwerty’s Basic Platformer Controller

The best character controller if you're looking for a strong base for your game. Simple yet fully customizable.

by QwertySamyak

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The best base for your 2D platformer game! It features easy-to change-settings so that you can finetune your player to perfection!

This is a physics-based controller, and it uses the new input system. With this controller you can create realistic movement, or cartoony movement or everything in between! The scripts have neatly been arranged and seperated to make the asset as easy as possible to use!


  • Basics
    • 🚶‍♂️Basic Movement
    • 🚗Variable Speed
    • 🌊Variable Acceleration
    • ⤴️Basic Jump
    • ⛰️Variable Jump Height
    • 🪐Variable Gravity Settings
  • Jump Features
    • 🐺Coyote Time
    • ⏱️Jump Buffering
    • ☁️Air Jumps (Double Jump, Triple Jump, etc.)
  • Wall
    • 🧱Wall Sliding
    • 🌠Wall Jumps
    • ⚖️Variable Wall Jump Speed
    • 🕰️Wall Jump Buffering
  • Animation
    • 🎞️Animation States
    • ✅Toggle Selected Animations
    • 🛒Simple Animations come included!


  • 🌄Regular Platform Prefab (Which can also be used as ground)
    • 🛬One Way Platforms
    • 🔄Change Platform Surface Arc
  • 💨Moving Platform Prefab
    • ⚡Variable Speed
    • 🚂Variable Acceleration/Deceleration Distance
    • ⏳Variable Wait Time
  • 🏠Wall Prefab
    • (Use these for Wall Jumping/Sliding)
  • 📷Camera Prefab
    • (Link the Player to the Camera in this Prefab)

!!Once you've imported the Basic Character Controller asset, Unity will ask you to install other packages (Cinemachine and Input System). After installing those packages re-import the Basic Character Controller asset!!