♪Musical Instruments Pack♪

Harmonize your virtual worlds with the Musical Instruments Asset Pack. This pack provides everything you need to infuse your game with the soul-stirring magic of music.

by Piloto Studio

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From classical pianos and guitars to exotic instruments, explore a symphony of possibilities.

Whether you're building a concert hall, a street performer's corner, or a musical fantasy realm, the Musical Instruments Asset Pack provides the versatility you need.

Enhance your game's atmosphere by placing a grand piano in an opulent mansion or add a touch of cultural richness with traditional instruments from around the world.

Seamlessly integrate these assets into your projects.

These assets are well-optimized and mobile-ready, all using a custom shader that works on all rendering pipelines and only one texture so it's perfect for mobile games.

👹 Key Features 👹

  • Prefabs are ready to be used out of the box, simply drag and drop them into your scene!
  • 1 Shader and 1 Texture for all 3D props. Meaning a single instruction call for all mobile users out there!
  • Includes one asset overview scene.
  • Compatible with ALL rendering pipelines
  • Cute and cuddly art style!

IMPORTANT: To change your rendering pipeline, make sure to download the dependency package and also read the readme file!