3D Classic Sword – Shadowsteel Broadsword

This package includes a Classic Sword with some effect (using VFX and Shader Graph)

by iMofi7

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The 3D Classic Sword - Shadowsteel Broadsword is a meticulously crafted weapon asset designed specifically for Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP). Whether you’re developing an action RPG, fantasy game, or medieval-themed project, this sword will add a touch of authenticity and visual appeal to your scenes.

Key Features

  1. High-Quality PBR Materials:The sword features physically based rendering (PBR) materials, ensuring realistic reflections, lighting, and surface details.
    Materials are optimized for URP, providing excellent performance without compromising visual fidelity.
  2. Shader Graph Effects:Leverage the power of Shader Graph to create stunning visual effects. Customize blade glows, enchantments, or other magical elements.
    Real-time shader adjustments allow you to fine-tune the sword’s appearance based on your game’s context.
  3. VFX Graph Integration:Enhance the sword’s apearing with VFX Graph.
  4. Unity Version Compatibility:Developed and tested in Unity 2022.3.22f1, ensuring compatibility with the latest features and improvements.

Technical Details

  • Polycount: Optimal balance between detail and performance.
  • Texture Maps: Albedo, Normal, MetallicSmoothness.
  • UV Mapping: Efficient UV layout for consistent texturing.
  • Scale: Real-world scale for seamless integration into your scenes.


!Sword Showcase

Compatibility Notes

  1. Universal Render Pipeline (URP):Compatible with URP 10.0 and higher.
    Designed to work seamlessly within URP’s rendering framework.
  2. Shader Graph and VFX Graph:Utilizes Shader Graph and VFX Graph for customizable visual effects.
    Explore creative possibilities by adjusting shaders and particle systems.
  3. Unity Version Information:Tested in Unity 2022.3.22f1. Use this version or a compatible one for optimal results.
  4. Material and Lighting Considerations:PBR materials interact smoothly with URP’s lighting system.
    Custom shaders can be modified within URP’s context.
  5. Post-Processing Effects:Works well with URP’s post-processing stack for additional visual enhancements.
  6. Documentation and Examples:Refer to the included Documentation for more information
    Sample scenes demonstrate proper setup in URP projects.