3D Fish Model: Hand-Painted & Multi-Color

Enhance your project with our unique, hand-painted 3D fish model, featuring vibrant colors, seamless animation, and multiple color variations for any scene.

by Rallba

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Hand-Painted 3D Fish Model with Swimming Animation

Introducing our Hand-Painted 3D Fish Model, a must-have asset for projects aiming to add a splash of vibrant life and customization. Meticulously designed to combine both aesthetic appeal and functional flexibility, this model enables you to bring the dynamic beauty of underwater life into your digital worlds with ease.

Features at a Glance:

  • Animated and Rigged: Comes with a pre-built swimming animation, making it ready to animate through your scenes seamlessly, offering a glimpse into the serene and captivating underwater world.
  • Hand-Painted Texture: Equipped with a detailed 1024x1024 base color texture that brings each fish to life with a unique and artisanal touch, enhancing the visual depth of your digital environments.
  • Optimized Performance: Carefully crafted to balance visual fidelity and performance, our fish model is designed to enrich your projects without compromising speed, suitable for both high-end and modest platforms.
  • Multiple Color Variants: Includes four distinct color variations (Golden, Green, Blue, Ghost), each with its own 1024x1024 texture map, allowing for diverse customization and integration into various scenes.

Whether you're crafting an underwater adventure or enriching your virtual aquarium, our Hand-Painted 3D Fish Model offers the perfect blend of beauty, functionality, and customization. Dive into creativity with models that are designed to be as adaptable and lively as the marine life they represent.

Add our Hand-Painted 3D Fish Model to your digital toolkit today and start creating mesmerizing scenes that flow with life and color.