3D Hand Painted Orc

Upgrade your RPG visuals! Hand-painted Orc boasts meticulous textures, rigging, and 5 color schemes for a unique look.

by Rallba

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Bring your RPG environments to life with this expressive, hand-painted Orc character! Perfect for developers crafting immersive worlds, this asset features:

Stunning Visuals:

  • Five Vibrant Color Schemes: Choose from Orc-Black, Orc-Brown, Orc-Ghost, Orc-Green, and Orc-Red to perfectly fit your game's aesthetic.
  • High-Resolution Textures: Each 2048x2048 albedo map ensures crisp detail, bringing out the unique, hand-crafted quality of this fierce warrior.
  • Unlit Shader Compatibility: Maintain the authentic beauty of the hand-painted style under any lighting conditions.

Ready for Action:

  • Fully Rigged: Create dynamic animations that breathe life into your Orc, showcasing its personality and battle prowess.
  • Game-Optimized: With a balanced polygon count of 5,484 faces, enjoy smooth performance without sacrificing visual appeal.
  • Easy Integration: Five prefabs streamline setup – simply choose your color and bring this Orc to life!

Elevate Your RPG Experience: This versatile, hand-painted Orc is ideal for enriching NPC populations, creating formidable foes, or even offering a unique playable character option. Its expressive design and meticulous craftsmanship will add depth and charm to your game.

Discover the power of the ORCS!