3D Hand Painted Skeletons

Fully rigged, game-ready skeleton model for RPGs. Hand-painted textures and five variations for diverse undead hordes.

by Rallba

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Elevate your RPG's undead encounters with this versatile 3D Hand-Painted Skeleton model. Featuring a fully rigged design and five unique hand-painted color variations (Default, Ghost, Golden Sand, Plagued, Shadow), it offers instant atmosphere and chilling customization for your fantasy world.

This model is optimized for games, ensuring seamless integration into your RPG project. Its stylized, hand-painted aesthetic adds a touch of macabre beauty to dungeons, crypts, necromancer lairs, and any setting where the undead roam.

  • Fully Rigged: Animate your skeletons for dynamic combat or ritualistic movements.
  • Hand-Painted Textures (2024x2024): Intricate details enhance the model's timeless appeal.
  • Five Color Variations: Choose the perfect undead aesthetic for your game.

Whether you're crafting hordes of skeletal warriors or a lone, haunting figure, the 3D Hand-Painted Skeleton is the perfect foundation for your RPG's undead legions.