3D Modular House

This modular house package prioritizes ease of use. It contains 39+ modular prefabs used for building the house structure, and 65+ prop prefabs to decorate the interior of the building.


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Modular house system that can be used to quickly build out a house in Unity URP.

The AO approach used in this pacakage only makes sense when using URP. This is the main reason why the only render pipeline supported for this pacakage is URP.

◼ Key Features ◼

1. The Ambient occlusion is fully baked in a way that works well with modular assets.

  • Traditionally, many URP modular assets rely on post-processing effects like ssao (screen space ambient occlusion) to quickly generate better looking lighting but at the cost of performance and quality. On mobile post-processing is generally not used for AO if performance becomes an issue. In this assets I've used some of my favorite techniques for creating more optimized AO. While this asset is not specifically targetting mobile, many of the methods used in here are very mobile friendly. This asset's AO should be more predictable, easier to art-direct, and better performing than the alternative approaches described above.

2. Modular assets.

  • The assets are designed to work well in Unity's grid system.

3. Optimized 3D Geometry.

  • Optimization in this case means specifically that no unnecessary vertices have been used. Every vertice has a purpose. This is an important distinction and is not related to whether an asset is low or high poly. The assets are created in a non-wasteful way. The assets range from low to medium poly and have expertly created clean topology.

39+ Modular Prefabs (Used for building structure)

65+ Props Prefabs (Used for decorating interior)

◼ Compatibility

- Supports Universal Render Pipeline (URP)