3D Pixel Tiles

Pixel art tileset with 200+ pieces and models.

Also includes the full 2D Pixel Tileset asset pack.

by Perpetual Diversion

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Pixel art tileset with 200+ pieces and models.

Also includes the full 2D Pixel Tileset asset pack.

For those interested in just the 2D Pixel Tileset, click here.

3D Pixel Tiles is a 3D tileset and model pack loaded with 250 tile pieces and decorational models. Kickstart your game and level design with these low-poly, pixel art textured assets. Using a single 256X256 atlas texture, the pack is optimized and easy to customize! Want a unique style for your game? Make your own "texture pack" with the main texture .PSD source as reference!

Web Player Demo | Forum Thread | Instructions Video

List of features:
* Single 256x256 Atlas Texture for All Included Assets - Easily Customizable
- .PDF help file that details each tile in the atlas
* Includes the level from the Web Player Demo
- Uses the CombineChildren-script (made by Unity) for optimization
* 3 Materials - Diffuse, Transparent/Cutout and Water
- Uses Mobile Diffuse, Transparent/Cutout and Mobile Particle shaders
* 3 Sets of Landscape Tiles, 19 Tile Pieces per Set:
- Grasslands - With transition-tiles to all 3 wall types
- Snowy Lands - With transition-tiles to all 3 wall types
- Desert - With transition-tiles to all 3 wall types
* 3 Wall Tile Sets - Dirt, Cliff and Sandstone
- 10x10 and 20x20 prefabs for large walls
* Ground Tiles - Grass, Snow and Sand
* Large (20x20 and 10x10 units) Ground Planes - Grass, Snow and Sand
* 3 Bushes - Bare, Leaf and Snowy
* Animated 4-frame Water: Tile, 10x10 and 20x20 Prefabs
* Ice Ground and Wall Tiles - For the frozen levels (1x1, 10x10 and 20x20 Prefabs)
* 8 Trees - Grasslands Tree and Pine Tree; Regular and Snowy; Low-Poly and High-Poly
* 8 Cacti - Large and Small; W/ and w/o Flowers; Low-Poly and High-Poly
* 5 Plants - Green, Red Flower, Blue Flower, Snowy and Desert
* 12 Rocks - Large, Medium and Small; Regular, Mossy, Sand and Snow Types
* Road Tiles - Dirt and Brick

Included in the 2D Pixel Tileset:
* Over 200+ tiles from the 3D pack now converted to a 2D pixelart tileset!
* Ready to use prefabs, complete with colliders.
* Includes sample level from web player demo and scripts for Top Down Character and automatic Sprite Sorting.

Note: Anti-Aliasing may cause visual artifacts with some tiles. Disable or use Anti-Aliasing as post effect for better results!

For support or questions regarding the asset pack, contact me at this address.
For updates on this and future asset packs, feel free to follow me on Twitter.