3D Stylized character – Olivia Sprout

Stylized low poly 3d character Olivia Sprout game ready model.

by Stellar 51 Studio

Price History +

  • Olivia Sprout is a stylized low-polygon 3D character that you can purchase for your games. She is suitable for various genres including arcade, fighting, runner, shooter, slasher, and many others.
  • For her animation, you can use Mixamo and other animations from the asset store. Additionally, she has been tested with animations from Kevin Iglesias (Basic Motions Free).
  • Also we've made a weapons - katana and gun , it is also added. (unfortunately we don't have animations for him, but you can buy them on the marketplace)
  • Additionally, the character comes with 5 sets of differently colored materials with texture maps of 4096x4096 resolution, which you can mix according to your preferences.
  • She has many blend shapes for facial expressions, as well as emotional blend shapes. 
  • Additionally, extra bones have been added to some hair strands and on both sides of the collar.

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