8 Military Jacket – Male/Female – Rigged Humanoid Skeleton

8 Military Jacket - Male/Female - Rigged Humanoid Skeleton

by Nice Pictures

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1. There is a scene in the project configured for a built-in render pipeline by default. If you

intend to use our assets

in other render pipelines, then you should use the materials configured for them from the

corresponding subfolders

in Material folder (URP, HDRP) or you can use our script for quick change the materials of

our assets.

2. There two C# in project:

- CharacterSetup.cs - perform selecting animation from inspector.

- NicePictures.cs - creates additional menu-item in top menu-bar with three nested options

to change materials for selected objects in scene.

- PBR Materials (BaseColor, Roughness, Metallic, Normal)

- All objects, textures and materials have their own names

- Model is built to real-world scale

- Units used: cm

- Doesn't have Default names

- Doesn't have NGons

- Doesn't have Overlapping Vertices

- Doesn't have Overlapping Faces

- Doesn't have Overlapping UV Faces

- Doesn't have Missing textures