88Vibe_Computer Gameroom

88Vibe_Computer Gameroom

by Ducogen

Price History +

This world is a retro/newly reinterpretation of Korea in the 80s.

It's a world that reproduces the "Computer Arcade" that everyone enjoyed visiting at the time

Recently, we added an arcade machine that can be seen in the arcade so that all ages can enjoy it.

Inside the arcade, you can enjoy 1. mole games 2. basketball games 3. punch games. Outside the arcade, you can enjoy various rides at the old playground with old street sensibility.

Let's enjoy the exciting computer arcade with the old Korean sentiment!

Meet the “88 Vibe” Series Pack, too! (Coming soon)

  • 88 Roller Rink
  • Computer Arcade
  • Shu Karaoke Room
  • Olympics Bowling Alley
  • Escape from Shu

Key Features :

  • Over 100 unique assets
  • 1 Demo Scene, 1 Modular Assets Set Scene
  • Retro Korean-style design Assets

Assets :

  • Two-storey Arcade Building to be able to use the inside
  • Game Machines : Mole game, Basketball game, Punch game, Video arcade game
  • Arcade Decorations : bicycle, bench, cassette player, counter table, electrical outlet, fan, neon light, stool, television, pixel style decoration wall
  • Several kinds of Modular Buildings and Walls

(Only the visible part of the exterior)

  • Individually available Doors and Windows
  • Korean Signs and Posters
  • Playground space and Rides : Merry-go-round, Monkey bars, Seesaw
  • Alleyways and Street Decorations : banner, bollard, drum can, fence, hand car, manhole, rocking horse, stones, telephone pole, photo zone image above the stairs, rainbow image, squid game image, sand dust particle system

Checks :

  • Number of textures : 73
  • Texture dimensions : 2048*2048px
  • Polygon count : Faces 309,257 Tris 613,518
  • Number of meshes/prefabs : 20 / 103
  • Rigging : No
  • Animation count : 0
  • UV mapping : Yes
  • LOD information : No
  • Types of materials and texture maps : PBR