Acquire-Chan 3D Model

Requires Unity 5.6.4 or higher.

It is a model of “Acquire-Chan”.
ACQUIRE’s mascot character.< ...

by ACQUIRE Corp.

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Requires Unity 5.6.4 or higher.

It is a model of "Acquire-Chan".
ACQUIRE's mascot character.

who is she
I am from the world of 2.5 dimensions (game).
I ran out of the game with a lot of momentum.
A girl who is usually coming back and forth in the 2.5-dimensional world and the real world.
- Birthday: December 6
- Height: 151 cm
- Weight: None (1.51 GB)
- Favorite things: to talk about games
My favorite game is an action game, a game squeezed by my heart.
· Personality: On the net, I love to interact and it is bright.
In real, there is a place to shy a bit.
· Pros: pure.single-minded. A hardworker.
· Cons: Sometimes A maverick !?

AcquireChan also wants to enter your game, you are running out!

animations: 10
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Wait 2
Agree on
very happy

total 7,430 polygon

For information on using the Acquire - chan 3D model, please refer to the following URL.
Acquire-Chan guidelines

Produced by ACQUIRE Corp.