Ahab’s Characters: Female#2

Designed to deliver great visuals right out of the box for the three main Render Pipelines, featuring two outfit sets and mesh hair.

by AhabDev

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This character is intended as an option for satisfying visuals out of the box in most scenarios and across the three main render pipelines, and certainly going beyond of what you typically can find. The promo images accurately represent what you will get; all have been captured inside the Unity Engine without the use of other utilities or engines, ensuring no misleading marketing. To achieve these results, a mix of post processing settings, detailed lighting settings and use of custom shaders have been utilized (demo scenes included for all the render pipelines).

The character is compatible with the Unity Humanoid Rigging System. The hair, if any, as shown in the demo pictures, is included, but you can easily change the character's style by acquiring other hair options from my collection. All are 3D Hair Cards, available for review here. This character comes with two outfits: a formal one-piece dress with heels and a set of inner clothes. For adding new clothes to the character, refer to the video tutorial in this same sales page.

The character includes over 200 blendshapes and an Expression Editor (a custom set of scripts), providing a wide range of customization options.

Stay tunned for more characters to come!