Alien Creature Pack 01 – Stylized Monsters – UFO Predator – #41

Explore the cosmic fantasy realm with Alien Creature Pack from the Stylized Monsters series. This pack features two aliens and their lickspittle pet, blending horror with charm to enrich your stories

by ExistenceStudios

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Below is a complete list of products included in the pack:

Alien Creature Pack 01:


  • Mixamo – Easy Retargeting - Example Video
  • This product is compatible with the Built-in Render Pipeline, Universal Render Pipeline (URP), (HDRP)
  • Fully rigged (project with attached rigs files 3DsMax, Maya, Cinema 4D, blender in source folder) – contact us so we can issue you Rigs
  • Realistic 3D models with high-detail textures
  • PBR material, 4k Textures

Technical Info:

  • Version Unity - 2019, 2021.3.18f1 ang higher support
  • Video&Photo preview render make in another software - background and other content except for the is not included in the asset


  • Alien_01 - (Polycount: 15 522 Tris | 7 763 Points)
  • Alien_02 - (Polycount: 14 224 Tris | 7 116 Points)
  • Alien_03 - (Polycount: 15 066 Tris | 7 541 Points)
  • AlienPackTotal: (Polycount: 44 812 Tris | 22 420 Points)

AnimationsPack Alien_01

  • Attack (x3), idle (x6), jump (x1), jump_start (x1), jump_loop (x1), jump_end (x1), roar (x1), run (x1), walk (x2)

AnimationsPack Alien_02

  • Attack (x3), idle (x7), jump (x1), jump_start (x1), jump_loop (x1), jump_end (x1), roar (x1), run (x1), walk (x2)

AnimationsPack Alien_03

  • Attack (x2), idle (x1), idle_aggressive (x1), jump (x1), jump_start (x1), jump_loop (x1), jump_end (x1), roar (x1), run (x1), walk (x1)


Dive into the riveting world of cosmic fantasy with the Alien Creature Pack 01, a top-tier addition to the Stylized Monsters collection. This pack offers a duo of humanoid aliens that redefine the boundaries of your digital universe. Accompanying them is their pet, a lickspittle creature that is both grotesque and endearing, perfect for adding a unique twist to any intergalactic narrative.

Designed for those who crave realistic textures and dynamic poses, these creatures embody the essence of space enemies and alien predators. The humanoid figures, featuring malevolent gazes and sinewy limbs, stand as formidable bosses or menacing foes in any story. Their pet, reminiscent of a toxic mutant with its vivid hues and spine-chilling appearance, could pass off as a demon from the darkest corners of the universe or an escaped specimen from a UFO.

The Alien Creature Pack 01 offers highly detailed 3D character models, complete with intricate rigging for seamless animation. These models are not just visually stunning but are optimized for low-poly requirements, ensuring smooth integration into various platforms. Whether you're animating a space odyssey or crafting a horror game, these models bring your vision to life with their zombie-like resilience and predator-like agility.

Each model in this pack doubles as a standalone character or an allied enemy, boasting a design that exudes a mix of horror and fantasy. Perfect for game developers and storytellers seeking to introduce a dose of otherworldly horror or to construct an army of malevolent men from beyond the stars.

Fully equipped with toxic allure and extraterrestrial enigma, these rigged creatures are ready to inhabit your 3D space, bringing the thrill of a UFO sighting right to your screen. Embrace the horror and the charm of the Alien Creature Pack 01, where each model serves as a boss in its own right, promising to transform your digital landscape into a universe of unfathomable fantasy.

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