Anime Guy Swordsman

The Swordsman character is suitable for playing as the main character. Equipped with a humanoid skeleton, all parts are removable.

by Inari_Green

Price History +

The demonstration environment scene in the video is not included in the project.

🟥 Unity

🔸Supported version: 4.23.1

🔸Face animation using Blend Shape

🔸Animation is not included in the package, but supports animation from the store.

🟥 Polycount

🔸 Anime Guy Swordsman:

Verts:15349; Faces: 14575; Tris: 28332;

🟥 Texture Maps:

  • 4096 * 4096 Body
  • 4096*4096   Hair
  • 4096*4096  Clothes
  • 4096*4096 Sword

🟥 Color solutions on the character:

☑️Sword Colors;


➜ Animations on the model are only standard animations that can be found in the engine itself.

➜ Equipped with a Humanoid Skeleton and ready to redirect to your animations.

➜ Face animation using mixed shapes, there are additional bones on the character, on the hair and clothes.

➜ (there are extra bones on hair and clothes)

➜ All parts are removable

➜ The physics of the fabric is not set up