Apocalypse Wasteland – Synty POLYGON

Over 1,600+ high quality prefabs in one pack! Filled with buildings, characters, props, modular weapons, vehicles, FX, and environment assets to create your post-apocalyptic or dystopian game world.

by Synty Studios

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Synty Studios presents: POLYGON - Apocalypse Wasteland

Over 100 years after an environmental disaster devastates Earth, two factions – the Desert Anarchists and the Goop Mutants – are at war for the resources to survive across two unique biomes.

Do you dare to wander the roads of the vast wasteland demo scene and embrace the chaos it conceals?

Over 1,600+ high quality prefabs in one pack!

Key Features

  • Fully modular wasteland weaponry
  • 23 unique vehicles
  • 23 characters, rigged and ready for animation
  • Vast wasteland demo scene with 2 contrasting biomes
  • A concerning amount of Goop

◼ Assets◼


Berserkers, Cultist, Giant mutants, Mutants, Villagers, Techs, Scout, Punks, Leaders.

Character Attachments

Bandana, barrel, beard, belt pouches, bottles, bullets, capes, car bumper, collar, crown, earrings, feathers, eyepatch, flamethrower, hair, gas canisters, hat, headpieces, helmets, headband, hood, knife, masks, skulls, toolbelt, wheelchair, toilet seat etc.


Airboats, rafts, chariot, vehicle crusher, motorbikes, train and trailers, buggy, jet boat, wind buggy, apocalyptic kitted classic cars, monster truck, roller etc.

Vehicle Attachments

Aerial, baggage, barrels, beacon, blade, boudica, engines, flags, weapons (including harpoon, artillery, launchers, mincer, oil sick, guns etc), flags, ladders, spikes, spotlights, tank, umbrella, wheels, winch etc.


Bar entrance, blimp, bomb, scrap buildings, buses, camper, fight pit, garages, gas station, gate towers, plane crash, plane front, refinery, sewer block, shacks, shed, shipping container chunks, etc.

Building pieces

Bridge set, platform set (wooden and metal variants), railing set, refinery set, walkway set, doors, archways, awnings, plane wings, plane hulls, rooftops, skull gate, balconies, stairs, towers, window bars, etc.


Goop blobs, vines, bushes, rocks, dead trees, buttes, cactus, ferns, flowers, ground pieces, highway, reeds, roads, scrap, sand, stumps, palm trees, mutant palm trees, wharf pieces, etc.


Decals, signs, greebles, barricades, arcade machines, lights, cages, plushies, aerials, barrels, bodies, furniture, bottles, shipping containers, cranes, fireplaces, food, gas bottles, fridges, generators, goop slime, silos, goop vats, ladders, market stalls, pipes, poles, pots, ramps, shredder, shipwrecks, skulls, octopus throne, wrecked vehicles, tyres, whale tunnel, windmills, etc.


Ammo, arrows, axes, bats, bows, cannonball, flare, hammers, harpoons, knives, mace, mortar, scythe, shield, spears, swords, etc.

Modular Weapons and Presets

Fully modular weapon parts including stocks, barrels, handles, bodies, magazines, suppressors, scopes/sights, bayonets, etc.


Butterflies, dust, explosion, fire, flame, fog, goop bubbles, goop embers, gunshot, missile, mutant frogs, rain, smoke, sparks, wheel dust, etc.

◼ Compatibility ◼

- Works in Unity 2021.3 and above

- Supports Universal Render Pipeline (URP) - URP Guide Here

- Characters are setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included)

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