Asian Temple Pack

Asian Temple is a pack consist of many organic assets such as trees, cliffs, vines, and architectural pieces with an Asian theme.

by Meshingun Studio

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Optimization was one of our main goals in developing this pack. All textures, models, shaders, and tools are optimized and tested in real-time to make sure they look good while they perform well.

Asian Temple pack Includes :

- Showcase and Overview Map (with 2 light setup) - 8 Shaders and 58 Materials

- 62 Unique and Modular Assets

Modular Architecture Pieces such as Walls, Railing, Roofs etc.

Foliage such as Trees, Bushes, Vines and etc..

- Variety of decals -> Leak, Dust … - 123 High Quality Textures Tillable and Trim sheets

Unique textures

- 1 Smoke Particle