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Total number of polygons: 4684

“Asobi-chan basic” is a character model that can be used for various g ...

by Asobiya

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Total number of polygons: 4684
"Asobi-chan basic" is a character model that can be used for various games and digital contents.
Easy to fit images regardless of genre, it is set as easy-to-move design.
It is possible to flow in motion for existing human model model freely, and it can be used in combination with free or charged animation data according to the application.
This package includes two kinds of general-purpose animation samples (waiting · walking).
For expressions, we prepare multiple animations by blend shape.
The model with reduced number of polygons is optimal for light taste action games, etc. It combines the look and drawing efficiency.
Three kinds of texture sets are available as visual variations.
You can select and use appearance that looks good on various contents, and we will also send you a psd image file for editing according to your preferences.
In the latest release, we added multiple expression patterns such as eyebrows and mouth shapes to blend shape.