Bloody Melee Weapons Pack Apocalypse

10+ apocalyptic style melee weapons, each item comes with both normal and blood stained version. Low poly and realistic, suited for any types of 3D games.

by Pixeled Bun

Price History +

· All meshes are triangulated, with no n-gons;

· Each item comes with two materials(normal & bloody);

· Each material comprises 2K Textures(Albedo, AO, MetalicSmothness, Normal map);

· Triangles count:

Baseball Bat Simple: 860

Baseball Bat Variant 1: 2240

Baseball Bat Variant 2: 2546

Crowbar: 582

Plank: 1239

Pipe: 1220

Katana: 2512

Fire Axe: 598

Bed Post: 1880

Modern Axe: 1536

Pickaxe: 1296

Police Baton: 644;

· Support Unity built-in render pipeline and URP.