Bombs and Explosives Pack

From classic bombs to futuristic explosive devices, this versatile pack provides game developers with the tools to add dynamic and thrilling explosive elements to any genre or narrative.

by Piloto Studio

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This pack equips game developers with an explosive arsenal to amplify the thrill and intensity of their games.

Create heart-pounding moments with an array of bombs and explosive devices, ranging from classic dynamite sticks to cutting-edge sci-fi grenades. Each model is crafted with precision, ensuring a realistic and visually impactful representation of explosive elements in your game.

Seamless integration into Unity allows for quick and easy implementation, whether you're developing a high-stakes action game, a strategic war simulation, or a pulse-pounding adventure. Enhance your storytelling by incorporating explosive plot twists or design intricate levels that challenge players' strategic thinking.

These assets are well-optimized and mobile-ready, all using a custom shader that works on all rendering pipelines and only one texture so it's perfect for mobile games.

👹 Key Features 👹

  • Prefabs are ready to be used out of the box, simply drag and drop them into your scene!
  • 1 Shader and 1 Texture for all 3D props. Meaning a single instruction call for all mobile users out there!
  • Includes one asset overview scene.
  • Compatible with ALL rendering pipelines
  • Cute and cuddly art style!

IMPORTANT: To change your rendering pipeline, make sure to download the dependency package and also read the readme file!