Cartoon Characters Pack3

2 cartoon-rendered fighters. Create exciting characters for your fantasy game

by Dreams Studio

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Characters (x2)

Panda Warrior,Tauren Warrior

Weapon(x2)(Included in character model)

Steel Claw,Fire Gloves

texture size:1024 x 1024

Number of texture map:Panda Warrior(4),Tauren Warrior(9)

Material is using URP Toon Shader(Asset Store Free Shader)



Panda Warrior: 9270 triangles

Tauren Warrior: 7850 triangles


Steel Claw: 2916 triangles

Fire Gloves: 2976 triangles



Panda Warrior:

Panda Warrior_attack

Panda Warrior_attack2

Panda Warrior_attack3

Panda Warrior_die

Panda Warrior_hit

Panda Warrior_idle

Panda Warrior_walk

Tauren Warrior:

Tauren Warrior_attack

Tauren Warrior_skill

Tauren Warrior_skill2

Tauren Warrior_idle

Tauren Warrior_hit

Tauren Warrior_die

Tauren Warrior_walk

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