Cemetery – Undead Characters

Undead Creatures Pack: Dive into darkness with 5 varied animated characters—Infernal Tree, Bat, Ghosts, Mummies, Slimer —and essential props. Perfect for crafting haunting game environments!

by Yuniro Gaming

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Unleash eerie adventures with the Undead Creatures Pack, featuring a diverse array of animated characters and environmental props. 

This pack includes 5 distinct undead characters: an Infernal Tree, Bat, Ghosts, Mummies, and Slimer, each equipped with multiple animations to bring your haunted scenes to life. 

Characters range from spine-chilling Ghosts with 13 animations to the menacing Ent with 11 detailed movements. 

Enhance your scenes further with props like candles, gems, and graves, and set the stage with environmental elements such as barren trees, flowers, rocks, and mystical flame effects. Ideal for developers crafting immersive, spooky game worlds.