Chibi Soul Reaper

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by Helix Studio

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This pack includes one cartoon-stylized character and its 13 animations. There are 2 sets of textures for the character: PBR (to be used on PC) and non-PBR handpainted texture (for mobile shader).

- Idle01 (loop);
- Idle02 (loop);
- Attack01 (loop);
- Attack02 (loop);
- Die;
- Reborn;
- Walk (loop);
- Run (loop);
- Jump (loop);
- Spell Cast (loop);
- Turn Around Strike;
- Take Damage01 (loop);
- Take Damage02 (loop);

The model features 2656 tris (1369 verteces). The skeleton is presented in 38 joints. Max 2 joints influence each vertex simultaneously. The character is made as one skinned mesh. All animations are created without root motion. There are no BlendShapes. For optimizing some textures are mirrored, which makes it possible to decrease texture definition from 2k to 512 pixels and preserve their quality.

There are two material options for the model: PBR (metallic workflow) and non-PBR (mobile shader). The following set is used with PBS: Albedo, Normal, Metallic / Smoothness, Occlusion. And a diffuse map is included in the pack for mobile shader. There are 4 colour option for PBR, and there is only one for mobile shader. All textures are saved in 2k resolution

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