CLASSIC STYLE LIVING ROOM (With Adjustable Doors/ Drawers)

A classic style living room, complete, furnished, textured and with furniture with drawers and adjustable doors (with interior)

by Alex Jun

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A Beautiful and Elegant Living Room in a Classic Style!

Sofas, Armchairs, Cabinets and other various decorations in this fully furnished living room, with various furniture with adjustable doors and drawers (With Interior), and decoration possibilities to create your own authentic environment!


  • Furniture has doors and drawers separate from the object, which allows the insertion of internal decoration, perfect for interactions in games to hide treasures and collectibles!
  • Completely Furnished
  • Completely Decorated
  • All furniture with ready-made textures and materials
  • Materials with easy-to-adjust instances for small modifications
  • An environment completely ready to be used in your game
  • The diversity of decorations will give you the freedom to decorate and build your own authentic living room!