Critter Environment

Instancing and shader tools to create natural and stylistic environments.

by Critter Entertainment

★★★★★ star rating
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GPU Instancing tools

Draw mesh instances efficiently on terrains or meshes. Includes examples for terrains and trees with meshes included!

  • Spawn any mesh
  • Configurable spawn logic
  • Supports Shader Graph
    • Custom setup for instancing
  • Looks great with the 3D pixel art style

Includes examples for...

  • Grass on terrains
  • Leaves on any tree mesh

Custom toon shader

A custom lighting solution for creating the well known toon shaded style. Includes subgraphs for clouds, pixel outlines and toon ramping.

  • Pixel perfect outlines
    • One-pixel thick outlines
    • Asset compatibility - Compatible with low-resolution renders, for example, Critter 3D Pixel Camera
    • Object specific - Choose individual objects with outlines
  • Clouds based on 3D noise
  • Configurable toon ramp

Includes examples for...

  • Terrain toon shader
  • Toon shader
  • Instanced Toon shader


Structures (less than 1000 vertices) - Arch Small, Arch Large, House, Light_Post, Rotor, Windmill

Rocks (less than 130 vertices) - Slab, Stone_1, Stone_2

Foliage (less than 20 vertices) - Grass_Leaf, Flower_Leaf, Tree_Leaf

Tree (260 vertices)

Demo Scene

Includes demo scene where these assets are layed out and set up for reference.