CYBER Centipede Worms 3D

3D animated model of a Centipede worms with a customizable CYBER style shader/material.

by SR Studios Kerala

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This pack contains many 3D animated model of Centipede worms.Pack comes with a customizable colorfull shader/material, You can also assign these materials to your own 3D gameobjects or use it to create new variation of centipede worm.Pack comes with all basic animation's.You can use this pack commercially.

Technical Details:-

- Material(s) : Unity standard material, CUSTOM material (Made with Shadergraph)

- Model(s) : Centipede Worm, Props

- Animations :10 (Idle_01, Idle_02, Idle_03, Idle_04, Walk, Run, Attack_01, Attack_02, Tail_1, Tail_2)

- Poly count (in Tris) : 3396(High poly Centipede), 260(Sci-Fi Light)

- Unwrapped : YES

- Prefab Variations : 20+

- Texture Size : 2048(.png) + Various

- Built in support : YES

- PBR Textures

Note-1: Some of the PBR material(s) does not support customization.Color customization and other features only avilable with material's which made with shadergraph. Customizable material's included in the folder [Assets > Cyber centipede worms > Materials > CUSTOMIZABLE]


- Different Centipede models

- Unique skin's/material's

- Comes with all basic animation's

- Highly Customizable Materials and Meshes

- Create your own color variation in just clicks

- Best fit for Horror, Scary, Openworld 3D survival games (This is upto your choice)

- Optimized Lowpoly model's included too

- Models comes with simple colliders and rigidbodies

- PBR HQ beautifull Shaders and Materials

- Include many Prefab variations

- Mobile, AR supported

- 3D Model's are completely unwrapped.

- All nodes, materials and textures are appropriately named.

- Arranged pivots, well named folders

- Easy to use (Drag and drop)

- Post processing layers included


Support URP, HDRP, LWRP, Built-in Render Pipeline.

This project is submitted using Built-in Render Pipeline. If you are not using Built-in Render Pipeline, you need to manually reset the shader of the model to avoid it being pink

How to use:-

Simply drag and drop the prefab to your scene and use it.


Use post processing layers.

About Me : "SR Studios Kerala", Indie Game developer & 3D-2D Artist from Alappuzha, Kerala, India

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