Dungeon Vol 1: Modular Pack

In a dim-lit chamber, creators wove dungeons low poly, URP, kissed by moonlight. The **Dungeon Vol 1 Pack** whispered secrets, inviting others to build, imagine, and breathe life into code.

by Inside Out Art

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🔮 Dungeon Vol 1 Pack: Unleash Your Creativity!

Welcome to the mystical world of the Dungeon Vol 1 Pack! 🗝️🏰

Are you ready to take your game levels to the next level? Look no further than the Dungeon Vol 1 Pack! 🌟

This versatile pack is a treasure trove of modular assets, meticulously crafted to enhance your game development experience. Let’s dive into the details:

1. Modular Assets for Customization: Imagine having a toolkit filled with versatile pieces that seamlessly fit together like puzzle pieces. The Dungeon Vol 1 Pack delivers just that! From crumbling stone walls to secret trapdoors, these assets are ready for your creative touch.

2. Platform Agnostic: Whether you're building for AR, VR, Android, iOS, or good old PC, this pack has your back. No matter the platform, your dungeons will come alive.

3. All-Encompassing Maps: Say goodbye to flat textures. We've got you covered with a comprehensive set of maps:

   - Albedo: Vibrant colors that breathe life into your surfaces.

   - Normal: Add depth and realism to your textures.

   - Roughness: Control surface roughness for tactile authenticity.

   - Specular: Shine bright with specular highlights.

   - Ambient Occlusion (AO): Enhance shadows and depth.

   - Metallic: Achieve that perfect sheen.

   - Emissive: Make your assets glow mysteriously.

   - Height: Create convincing 3D surfaces.

4. 64 Unique Prefabs: Need to construct multiple levels? Look no further. With 64 unique prefabs at your fingertips, you'll build sprawling dungeons, eerie catacombs, and treacherous labyrinths.

5. Special Effects: Dive deeper with a mesmerizing liquid shader and two captivating particle effects. Whether it's bubbling cauldrons, magical portals, or ghostly mist, these effects add enchantment to your game.

6. Player Blockers: Keep adventurers on their toes! Strategically place blockers to challenge their path. Will they find a way around, or will they face the unknown?

7. Stylized Textures and Creative Models: Who says low poly can't be captivating? Our stylized textures and imaginative models infuse personality into every corner of your dungeon.

8. Optimized for Performance: Fear not, mobile developers! The Dungeon Vol 1 Pack is optimized for the Universal Render Pipeline (URP). And those 2K textures? Crisp and detailed, without sacrificing performance.

9. Custom Mesh Colliders: No wonky collisions here! Our custom-made mesh colliders ensure precise detection. Your characters won't glitch through walls or fall into the abyss.

10. Stats at a Glance:

    - Textures: 367

    - Texture Dimensions: 2K

    - Meshes: 89

    - Prefabs: 64

    - Collider: Yes

    - Triangle Count: Ranges from 30 to 1K

    - Material: PBR (Physically Based Rendering)

    - Rendering Pipeline: URP

So, whether you’re a seasoned game developer or just starting out, the Dungeon Vol 1 Pack is your secret weapon. Unleash your creativity, build epic dungeons, and watch your game come alive! 🗝️🏰🔥

👍 If you find this pack helpful, don't forget to rate and share your thoughts in the comments! Your encouragement fuels our creativity. Let's build epic dungeons together! 🌟💪🎮

Disclaimer: No actual dungeons were harmed in the making of this pack. 😉