Emotional Expressions #1 Animations Pack

This motion asset pack contains 21 “3D animation files of emotional expressions”, captured by professional actor.


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Motion capture was conducted using 24 Vicon cameras and Manus finger-tracking gloves,

and a professional animator has completed all post-production work such as retargeting and polishing, ensuring a high-quality motion experience."

————————————————————♦︎ Description ♦︎—————————-——————————

  • Number of Assets : 21
  • Length per Asset : 5~10 sec
  • Mocap Equipment : 24 Optical Motion Capture Cameras (Vicon) & Motion Capture Gloves (Manus)
  • Finger Accuracy: Very High
  • Actor : Professional Actor

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  • Admiration_01: Fussing Over “You're the Best! Thumbs Up!”
  • Admiration_02: Jumping Up “You're Perfect!”
  • Admiration_03: "WOW!"
  • Amusement_01: Hopping around “So Exciting!”
  • Amusement_02: Step and Somersault “That Was Great!”
  • Anger_01: Throbbing Head and Stomping Feet
  • Anger_02: Restless, moving Back and Forth
  • Anger_03: "Can't Hold Anger!” KRUMP
  • Annoyance_01: Scratching “What's With That Guy...?"
  • Annoyance_02: "Stop Bothering Me"
  • Annoyance_03: "Don't Do It! Just Stop!"
  • Disappointment_01: Sigh and Dropping Head
  • Disappointment_02: "Can't Believe This..” Sitting Down
  • Embarrassment_01: Blushing “Nobody Saw, Right?”
  • Embarrassment_02: "Oh Dear… Why Like This?” Waving Hands
  • Embarrassment_03: "Eek!” Stomping Foot and Fussing
  • Nervousness_01: Restless and Looking Around
  • Nervousness_02: "What to Do?” Moving Side to Side
  • Pride_01: Beating Chest “This is Me!"
  • Pride_02: Spreading Arms “This is Me!~”
  • Pride_03: Strutting "Cocky Strut"