Fantasy Environment – Stylized Farm

Fantasy Environment - is a low poly asset pack of fantasy farm to create a fantasy and cartoon-style games. If you liked the Fantasy Farm, please rate it, it is extremely important for us!

by Blend Pixel Studio

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Included in the package are over 100 meticulously crafted prefab models along with a demo scene.

Every model comes in a convenient prefab format, complete with 3 LOD (Level of Detail) groups, ensuring seamless integration into your game.

Embark on your creative journey with these assets and bring your imaginative game world to life!


  • 3 Houses prefab.
  • 3 Animals models (2 chickens, monkey).
  • 6 Combined mesh woods.
  • 11 Combined mesh rocks and grass.
  • 102 Environment models (rocks, grasses, hay, statues, houses, stable etc.).
  • 7 Animated props (animals, mill, house etc.).
  • 42 Nature models (trees, flowers, grass, hay, stones).
  • 11 Ground models.
  • 10 Big Rocks.
  • 16 Small Rocks.
  • 8 Terrain textures.
  • 2 Particle systems (water drops, water clouds).
  • 1 Shader systems (water fall shader).

This Pack includes Models with LOD Group,Prefabs with all texture and materials.