Female Medics / Scientists Pack

Modular Female Scientist / Medic / Lab Worker models.

by Studio New Punch

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Modular Female Scientist / Medic / Lab Worker models.

Skined and Rigged to Humanoid Skeleton.

Animations are NOT INCLUDED.

3 LODs

LOD0 - around 15000 tris

LOD1 - around 7500 tris

LOD2 - around 3200 tris

PBR materials.

Textures in 2k resolution.

Standard, URP and HDRP materials and prefabs






Variants of HDRP materials have additional SSS (Subsurface scatering) Material on the faces.

You need to asign a diffusion profile for it to work, see the image in the gallery

5 Face models with 7 body skin materials

Some of the materials have Color property that you can change.

As a result, number of materials and textures are greatly reduced , and the color variations are unlimited.

12 preset colors are included, but you can easily make your own.

Materials with color are: Clothing (Coat, Trousers), and Hairs

Glasses, Surgical Mask and Stethoscope which can be shown/hidden via script in the prefabs

Faces have Mouth Open, Blink, Open Smile and Closed Smile Blend Shapes

1 Top Coat Material

1 Bottom trousers Material

1 Material per each of the 5 Hair types.

Above materials can have unlimited color variations, many preset colors are included, but you can make your own.

6 Eye materials.

5 Face models with 6 Skin Materials.

5 Hair Types

Character Customization script in the prefabs

Instantiate Scripts to spawn the customized character.

Jaw bone is also skinned, so you can open their mouth.

Ponytail uses ragdoll physics.

The model has NO animations included!

It is however Mecanim Ready, so you can use MoCap or other Mecanim and Humanoid compatible animations to live her up.

You can use also Mixamo.com FREE animations!