Fonctional vintage cash register

Low-poly model of a 1950s vintage cash register with levels of detail (LOD)

by Enozone

Price History +

This Unity package offers a simulation of a 1950s cash register, ideal for adding a touch of historical authenticity to any project that benefits from vintage elements. The simulation includes five interactive levers, each representing different monetary denominations from hundreds to hundredths, allowing users to simulate setting prices in a tactile, engaging manner.

Users operate the register by adjusting these tirettes and cranking a handle twice to finalize transactions, which then updates a cumulative total displayed by animated rollers. Although the base package does not include automatic cash drawer animations, it provides a solid foundation for implementing additional mechanical effects like drawer openings.

Key features include fully interactive components with detailed animations for levers and rollers, managed through a central CashRegisterManager script that coordinates the input and display. Each component utilizes Unity animators with triggers for smooth and realistic transitions, enhancing the simulation’s mechanical feel. The package is designed for easy integration and customization, supported by commented scripts to facilitate adaptations to specific project needs.

This simulation is perfect for games, educational software, or any interactive application where blending technology with historical accuracy enhances the user experience.

High-resolution textures : all maps are in 4096x4096px

Ready for Animation: The package includes ready-to-use animations created in Unity, with all components fully prepared for additional customization to suit any project's specific animation needs.

URP Compatibility: Designed specifically for Unity's Universal Render Pipeline

Level of Detail (LOD): Includes 2LOD variations, ensuring optimal performance

The precise technical details are provided below.

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