FPS Character Animation Pack

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Wait! Before you buy, please check out my latest pack: THE COMPLETE ANIMATION TOOLBOX (Released August 8th 2019) Which features this pack and sooooo much more! Single Handed, Dual Handed, Akimbo e.t.c All with root motion! Also cast your vote and share your opinion to get your animation added in a future update! Please see the above mentioned products description for more info!

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The "FPS Character Animation Pack" is for Unity's Mecanim Animation System. This collection covers a wide range of motions, such as: Walking, Running, Crouch, Prone, Shooting, Climbing, Swimming and much more! A complete FPS animation solution!


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- Over 310 Animations
- 2 Reference / Sample Characters With Weapon Placement Template
- Optimized Skeleton System
- Single Handed, Dual Handed, Shotgun / Rifle & No Weapon Variations
- Organized Clean Project
- 100% Mechanim Compatible
- In-Place Animations.

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