Golem Collection

[Golem Collection]

IMPORTANT: Soon we will be ready to update the package to include one mor ...

by Fluzo Studios S.L.

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[Golem Collection]

IMPORTANT: Soon we will be ready to update the package to include one more golem, the 13th. Once the package is updated, price will be finally set accordingly: to $65. Don't miss this last opportunity and get the whole package now at a reduced price. Don't say we didn't warn you! ;-)

This pack includes all the 12 mighty low-poly golem characters available at the UAS. Golems are mecanim humanoid compatible. Demo scenes include fully set up third-person controller for each golem.

This package will allow you to save 50% over the original price and get the full Golem Collection.

UPDATE 1.3: New Insect Golem and Stalactite Golem included

UPDATE 1.2: New Obsidian Golem included

UPDATE 1.1: Improved animations and demo scenes.

The collection includes all these asset store packages:

- Water Golem
- Air Golem
- Fire Golem
- Crystal Golem
- Plasma Golem
- Nature Golem
- Steam Golem
- Darkness Golem
- Fog Golem
- Obsidian Golem
- Insect Golem
- Stalagmite Golem

Every golem includes:

- Customized shaders to simulate FX (if needed)
- Customized particle systems (if needed)
- A combination of these texture maps:
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Diffuse Map
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Normal Map
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Emissive Map
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Specular Map
- Animation list:
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Idle
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Left Punch
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Right Punch
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Double Attack
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Jump
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Death
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Walk
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Run
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Get head hit
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Get Chest hit
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Get Stomach hit
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Get strong hit
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Crouch
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp* Block

All the materials are ready to work with built-in standard PBS and the new lightning system.

Polycount: from 3324 up to 9832 polys.

IMPORTANT: Some of the Standard assets have been included in order to offer character and camera setup (versions prior to 2017.x) in the demo scenes. Please note that they might cause some conflicts if they are already included in your project. We strongly recommend you to import the assets in a fresh project in order to test the demo scenes and avoid to import them once you are ready to use the golems in your own projects.

***Note*** Particles may drop several harmless errors in some Unity versions. It is caused by a reported bug that has been fixed in the latest versions.

For additional details, see each golem's link above.

Send your doubts or suggestions to info[at]many-worlds[dot]es.