Good Baby, Bad Baby, Zombie Baby and Girl Cartoon Character

Mechanim humanoid compatible cartoon style baby with procedural textures for many different characters: goo ...

by Oliver Wuensch

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Mechanim humanoid compatible cartoon style baby with procedural textures for many different characters: good baby, bad baby, zombie baby, baby girl.

Updated for Unity 2018 (free Substance Unity asset must be installed)
NOW WITH GIRLS AND BOYS HAIRSTYLES! Parametric substance materials for most textures, allowing for endless varations of the babies colors.
WARNING MOBILE USERS: due to a Unity bug present in 5.6 and unresolved for several versions the use of substances are not recommended in Android builds (and possibly iOs too). I hope this is different with the new Substance asset for Unity 2017 and 2018 now. Normalmaps in 5.6x got created weird and sometimes (often?) the use of a substance material would prevent a scene from loading properly in Android. If you want to use this asset for mobile and encounter these problems,, use the substance only to generate textures (in inspector use the little upper right icon of the material to save out textures) and then set up a standard material with he resulting textures. Do not use the parametric substance material in your mobile scenes. And use the normalmap from the textures folder, as the substance one is not Ok. Sorry about that, I hope this is now fixed in the Unity 2018 substance asset. On PC/Mac all works fine.
3500 Polygons/ 6600 Tris. Hairstyles are between 400 and 800 polygons. still included in addition to procedural texture via substance: regular textures and materials for Unity 5 PBR Standard shader and Unity 4 legacy diffuse/specularity.
Link to WebGL demo

Colors easily customizable. Included layered color Photoshop Tiff file . Includes normalmap and also AO map (nice for the zombie, not necessary for the clean baby).

Your own logo on the t-shirt can be applied to the color texture easily because the UVs are distortion free in the breast area.

Contains blendshapes for facial animation and to shorten the hair strand. Hair has 2 bones so it can be animated (for example with the nice dynamic bones asset available here in the store).

Asset contains model, textures, materials and prefabs. No animations included but should work with any mechanim humanoid compatible motion. Tested in the WebGL demo with Movement Animset Pro and Opsive Third Person Controller, LipSync Pro (for facial animation) and Dynamic bones (these assets are of course NOT included in the package, also the Web GL Demo scene is not included in the asset).

Contains several props (textures are atlassed with character):
baby bottle, pacifier, rattle, teddybear, sunglasses

Roadmap to version 2.0: add different hairstyles also for the boys, add caps and hats for the boys and girls. And we also need a proper girl zombie.