Hand-Painted Elemental Golem Pack

Elevate your project with our Elemental Golem Pack, featuring hand-painted, fully rigged models for dynamic, immersive environments. Perfect for creative storytelling.

by Rallba

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Presenting the Hand-Painted Elemental Golem Pack, a distinguished asset for projects aiming to incorporate the elemental essence into their digital environments. This collection transcends mere character addition, offering a nuanced integration of the elemental realm into games and animations. Crafted with precision and a stylized aesthetic, the golems in this pack serve not only as models but as conduits for narrative depth and immersive world-building.


Fully Rigged: Our Elemental Golems come fully rigged but without animations, providing the foundational structure for you to animate them in ways that best fit your project's narrative and dynamics. This opens up endless possibilities for interaction and engagement within your digital realm.

Hand-Painted Textures: Each golem features a 2024x2024 texture map, highlighting the unique elements they represent. The detailed designs range from Arcane Golem's mystical patterns to Fire Golem's vibrant flames, bringing a rich visual flair to your projects.

Optimized for Performance and Aesthetics: Crafted with an optimal balance of detail and performance, our golems feature 2,932 faces each, striking the perfect balance between visual richness and efficiency. This ensures that they enhance your digital worlds without burdening them, making the pack versatile for a variety of platforms.

Diverse Color Variants: The pack includes five distinct color schemes - Arcane (Purple), Rock (Black), Ice (Blue), Poison (Green), and Fire (Red), each with its own 2024x2024 texture map. This diversity allows for greater creative freedom, enabling you to tailor the golems to fit the thematic and visual needs of your projects.

Texture Maps Size: 2024x2024 for each elemental variant.

Number of Faces: 2,932, optimized for a detailed yet efficient model.

Material Types: Includes five hand-painted texture maps.

Shader Recommendation: Unlit to preserve the original hand-painted look under various lighting conditions.

Rigged Model : Elemental Golem model comes fully rigged.