Haunted Golem Animations

The Haunted Golem is a high-quality 3D asset designed for horror-themed projects. It features detailed textures, animations, and a spooky ambiance, making it a perfect fit for games, animations,

by Sports-Actions

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This Avatar animation Pack works with every version of unity,

It has humanoid and Generic Animations format flexibility.

you can easily add your Humanoind animations.

package contains Fbx files and Png files.

optimized for mobile games.

The Haunted Golem is a chilling addition to your 3D asset collection, perfect for horror-themed games and projects. This eerie creature is meticulously crafted with haunting details, from its ghostly aura to its menacing presence. With a range of animations including idle, attack, walk, and more, the Haunted Golem brings a new level of terror to your projects.