Historicly Medieval Melee Weapons Pack

A brand new & incredible collection of Historically accurate Medieval melee weapons for your unity project. Swing, parry and thrust your way to victory with this brutal weapon pack!

by Guddies

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This brand new pack melee combat contains 9 historically accurate melee weapons for use within the Unity game engine.

Guddies Historically Medieval- Melee Weapons Pack is comprised of 9 Unique thrusting, bludgeoning and stabbing melee weapons!

These realistic (mid-poly) game assets are perfect for any action/adventure title that looks at warfare throughout history or any project that wants to show the effectiveness of classic melee combat superiority!

The 9 weapons included each include a basic rig so they can be added to any project quickly.

  1. Cudgel (804 Tris)
  2. Spiked Club (2.5k Tris)
  3. Mace (1.5k Tris)
  4. Flanged Mace (3.3K Tris)
  5. Warhammer (1.9k Tris)
  6. Morningstar (2.4K Tris)
  7. Flail (5.8k Tris)
  8. Peasent Flail (2.6k Tris)
  9. Bec De Corbin (3.4k Tris)

These elements will be right at home inside any FPS combat or action advetnure titles, the high quailty 4K textures mean that these models look great up close and personal. Perfect for any FPS titles made within the Unity engine.

Each weapon also comes with a set of 'Bloody Textures'. Weapons can be shown as clean and pristine or drenched after combat with the enemy.

Included Demo scene displays both sets of textures for weapons. Simply swap between the materials specific to each weapon.

No AI!