HQ School Classroom

Immerse your players in a dynamic educational experience with the School Classroom Unity Package.

by Bright Vision Game

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It works with the built-in render pipeline by default, with extra Unity packages inside for HDRP and URP support.

- To install HDRP, click on "School Classroom HDRP unitypackage" in the HDRP folder.

- To install URP, click on "School Classroom URP unitypackage" in the URP folder. Don't forget to install HDRP and URP in your project.

Pack Features:

- High quality textures - 2048 pixels (Albedo, Mask and Normal map)

- Compatible with Built-In, HDRP, and URP pipelines.

- Clean and worn textures/materials for all objects.

- 34 Prefabs

- Pack for your Desktop, VR or Mobile projects.

- Baked lighting and post-processing setup for enhanced realism.

- All textures are PNG format.

- Emissive texture for lights included.

- Clear and optimized geometry.

- All materials and textures in the package are properly named and organized.

- 1 Demo scene included.

All source files are included in this package. Bright Vision Game is a team of 3D Game artists with over a decade of experience in the field. Also, check out our other models, just click on our user name to see complete gallery.

Bright Vision Game

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