Industrial Cable Kit

This is a pack containing a variety of meshes, prefabs, materials, and textures that will help you integrate a cohesive cable system into your scenes.


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This pack contains 3 base cable meshes along with their respective plugs, sockets, & spiral meshes.

The cable festoon system consists of three meshes: The main festoon, the smaller festoon attachment, and a steel beam to attach them to. In addition, for each cable type, there are 10 preset lengths.

All meshes besides the cable plugs & steel beam come with 3+ material skins.

Meshes have been created in a way best to work either on their own or with the help of the SplineMesh tool included in this pack.

An introduction for the SplineMesh tool is included. This tool is developed by Meth and also available in the Asset Store. If you want to support Meth for developing this amazing tool, please click here!