Infinite Horizons Stylized Panorama – Vol1

30 Stylized High Resolution Infinite Horizons! Ultra light solution for a "fake horizon" background. VR and Mobile compatible. Incredible panorama view with a single Draw Call!

by YoruStudios

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With this incredible package you are getting 30 detailed panoramas for less than 1 dollar each!

Buying our Asset you receive 30 images to compose the horizon of your scene, it can be a 3D, 2D game or a Virtual Reality experience, our scenarios fit perfectly into a 360 degree cylindrical mesh.

You can adjust the perception of distance by increasing or decreasing the material's "tiling" parameter and the height of the object.

(We have a demo scene with a script that does this).

For VR Developers, our shader is compatible with Single-Pass and Multi-Pass!

If you are working on a 2D project or creating a Cutscene, you can use the scenes as an infinite scrolling sprite as we create the scenes to have perfect tiling.

(We have a demo scene for this too).

All of this is extremely lightweight, working perfectly on any mobile device and perfect for your Virtual Reality scene that needs to be optimized to the maximum.

(Attention! This asset only includes the 30 horizon panoramas! It does NOT include any skybox or sky images!)

** Feel free to use any skybox you have to compose your scene, or if you want the MAXIMUM of beauty and optimization you can purchase our other asset together: **

*Sky Domes - High Performance Skybox Alternative

It has a collection of incredible skies in different styles that will suit all your projects and will work perfectly with this asset.

So you can have maximum optimization with 1 draw call per sky, unlike a regular skybox that uses 6 draw calls.

The sky used in the demonstration video is from our asset described above.*

Need even MORE horizons?

Infinite Horizons Panorama - Vol 2

Our two packages work as a complement to each other, in addition to some unique environments, they have scenarios that work as extra locations.

So just choose the one you like most (Vol 1 or Vol 2) and if you need more scenery variations, buy the other one.

The 3D road model that appears in the demonstration video is free and you can download on sketchfab:

"American Road Curve Ahead" - by jimbogies is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

(This asset is not made to be viewed at a very close distance, remember that it is not a single photo of a landscape, it is a detailed collage, so if you look very closely maybe you can see some artifacts).

How was this asset created?

First we create the scenery elements separately (trees, mountains, rocks, buildings, etc...), all from scratch using AI tools with different techniques and various AI models.

For each element that will make up the scene, we need to generate hundreds of images until we select the best ones to be edited and incorporated into the final scene.

All elements are edited, cleaned, cut and stitched using Adobe Photoshop to create a single scene.

In addition, we correct the lighting and several other factors to achieve the best scene possible!

In the end it's all a huge editing job.

All of this ensures that you have a beautiful and completely unique scene!