Infinite Space

Fly free through the infinity with this new asset. Planets, clouds, stars, star groups, shooting stars, asteroids, planet ri ...

by Nemoris Games

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Fly free through the infinity with this new asset. Planets, clouds, stars, star groups, shooting stars, asteroids, planet rings, nebulas and backgrounds, all generated with different colors, sizes, textures, normals and behaviours.

You can use it as 3D model assets for your game or add the components to create a 4-direction parallax right out the box. Create an endless top-down space shooter, a new Asteroids, new Arkanoid or whatever your mind can imagine.

With Infinite Space, create a 3D realistic space game. Also, you can add your own assets to create the exact look that you want and add the components to make them behave like the original ones.

It doesn't matter if you're a pro or a beginner, this easy to learn pack will help you to save time and money.

The behaviours will help you to random generate all that you need and don't worry about the player getting bored with the same background over and over again. Give your space games a professional look while you focus on the important stuff.

This pack works great in mobile and looks beautiful in any phone.

Include PSD files ready to edit at any time.

Art Features:

- The components can create more than 200 different combinations.
Objects such as planets, clouds, stars, star groups, asteroids, planet rings, planet layers, nebulas and backgrounds. More on the way!
- Variety of textures and normals to put on the planets.
- You can use the assets as 3D models with textures and normals, without the need of any component.
- PSD files included. Feel free to adapt and re-design.

Component Features:

- 4-Direction parallax effect that is applied to all the objects in screen. All of them move at different speed wich creates a depth effect in many layers.
- Random selection of texture, normals, clouds, color, rotation, moons and size based on the parameters setted by you.
- Prefabs fully customizable and that can be used as base to create new ones.
- Behaviour to manage when the object is out of the screen to destroy it or regenerate in the front of the moving camera to use less objects.
- Behaviours separated in different scripts that can be applied to any object other than the art assets.
- The parallax effect can be applied to any new object needed.

Example Scene

Questions? Check the Asset Forum and let us know your opinion.

Go full creative with all the options that we have prepared for you. Get it now and get all the future updates.