Japanese Collection #1

A collection of 5 high quality Japanese themed asset packs for a discounted price.

by Nimikko

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Scenes shown in the screenshots are included in the pack.

This is a collection of 5 Japanese packs and custom environments of all of them.

This asset pack includes in total 275 unique models with 772 prefab variants with different materials & decorations.

  • Assets are on a real-world scale and have been created with dimensions to mirror real-world Japanese scenes as accurately as possible. 
  • All the assets have PBR materials. 
  • Weighed normals are utilized to give uniform look and smooth edges for all the assets. Textures come in a packed form, reducing the file size when distributing your game. 
  • The models, in general, are relatively low poly and most of them come with 4 LODs, so these assets are suitable also for mobile as well as for PC / Console environments.